Ethnic Ambiguity vs. Racial Ambiguity: The Chameleon Experience of Multiethnic Individuals

Ethnic Ambiguity vs. Racial Ambiguity: The Chameleon Experience of Multiethnic Individuals Poster Presentation by Jennifer Wu, M.A. at the Annual Ph.D. Poster Session at California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, San Francisco May 8, 2017 For a PDF version of my poster presentation, please click on the following link to download the file:Continue reading “Ethnic Ambiguity vs. Racial Ambiguity: The Chameleon Experience of Multiethnic Individuals”

Results: Participant Ethnic Identities

Participant Ethnic Identities *Participant Ethnic Identity Races Ethnicities/Ethnic Background Mina Biethnic Arab/Middle Eastern/Middle Eastern American; European/European American/Caucasian/White Persian/Iranian-American Gabriella Biethnic Latino/Hispanic/Latino or Hispanic American Mexican and Colombian Chris   Biracial European/European American/Caucasian/White; Latino/Hispanic/Latino or Hispanic American; Native American/American Indian Mexican and White Jessica Biracial Asian/Asian American; European/European American/Caucasian/White East Indian and American of German DescentContinue reading “Results: Participant Ethnic Identities”

Results: Participant Demographics

Participant Demographics *Participant Gender Sexual Orientation Age  Education Mina Female Straight/Heterosexual 26 Master’s Degree Gabriella Female Bisexual 21 Bachelor’s Degree Chris Male Straight/Heterosexual 34 Master’s Degree Jessica Female Straight/Heterosexual 42 Bachelor’s Degree Alejandro Male Gay 28 Bachelor’s Degree Enrique Male Gay 29 Master’s Degree Alexis Female Straight/Heterosexual 27 Master’s Degree Bethany Female Straight/Heterosexual 28 Bachelor’sContinue reading “Results: Participant Demographics”